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Procedure & Modus Operandi to do Courses thru IIVC?

International Institute of Vaidic Culture (Regd.), 12, DDA Market, A Block, Main Mathura Road, New Delhi-110076 is an autonomous, self financed, private & freelancer institute working fully independently. IIVC is an institute registered under the “Registration Act-1908, Government of NCT, New Delhi (INDIA)“ for the purpose of study & research & development activities in most of the occult sciences like Vastu Shastra and many more. It is not under the norms or under the grants or control of UGC or any Govt. body or institute. It is not affiliated to & with any university etc. We offer hybrid online Vastu Courses i.e. through emails, through Dak/ Post & through Courier. The above options largely depend upon the location & cost factor.

There are no extra charges/ fees for online email courses in which we send the Letter of Temporary Registration Number, Fees Confirmation Letter, Letter of Permanent Registration Number, Modules / Chapters, Guidelines etc. through emails. After we receive all the answer sheets, a VIVA of about 15 minutes is mandatory thru phone, chat, tele-conferencing, Google-talk, Skype, mail etc. which carries 20% weightage. After that the comprehensive mark-sheet is prepared and converted into the Grades. Grades are from A++, A+,A, B,C & D. If one gets Grade D, he she has to re-send the answers of the question paper that carries low marks.

After completion of each Level, We send the hard copies of

  • A) Letter of Completion with Grade,
  • B) Colored Vastu Folder &
  • C) Certificate through Dak, courier, post etc. to each student internationally without any extra charges.

Procedure for Admission:

Students/ aspirants are required to send us the 16 details wiz: Name, Gender/Sex, Father/Husband’s Name, Educational Qualification, Date of Birth, Complete Postal Address, Pin/ Zip Code, State, Country, STD Code, email i.d., Website- If any, Mobile Phone Number, Landline Number (if any), Medium preference (Hindi/ English), Course Name, other information etc. through mail e.i iivc999@gmail.comwith a CC to

Vastu Courses in English

After receiving the above details, our admission department shall examine the eligibility and will send the letter of confirmation & details of Fees deposit procedures etc. within 24 hours. Online form can also be downloaded from Course fees can be deposited by the candidate through online, bank account deposit, cash, cheque, Western Union, PayPal, Maneygram, other bank transfer etc.. are the numerous feasible, practical & easy ways. After we receive the course fees, our admission staff shall send the confirmation letter to confirm the receipt of fees & the PRN (Permanent Registration Number) within 48 hours & his/ her personal file shall be created in the institute. Immediately the candidate shall start getting Module/ Chapter-1, its question paper & format guidelines as to “How to reply question papers”. Student is required to read the course matter carefully & reply the question paper through mail, Dak, Courier etc. whatever is the easiest mode of communication. After we receive the answers to question paper-1, we shall send the next Module & Next Question paper. If a student is busy in other priority, no problem, but we shall send the next matter only after having received the answers to the already sent Module. Hence all the programmes are enough flexible & designed keeping in mind the openness & comfort of the candidates. However it is mandatory to complete any course Level within 6 months, after which the 50% of the course fees will be chargeable to re-continue and after 12 months the full fees is forfeited and re-admission shall be done after receiving full fees only on the then existing fees structure.

Fees Structure:

We conduct 5 types of Vastu Courses:

  • Level-1 (Elementary/ Basic Vastu Course of 1 Month: Fees: Rupees 9000.00 (rupees nine thousand only) for students from India & 280 US Dollars for students from other countries.
  • Level-2 (Advanced Vastu Course of 2 Months: Fees: Rupees 11000.00 (rupees eleven thousand only) for students from India & 320 US Dollars for students from other countries.
  • Level-3 (Professional Vastu Course of 3 Months: Fees: Rupees 18000.00 (rupees eighteen thousand only) for students from India & 480 US Dollars for students from other countries.
  • Level-4 (Remedial Vastu Course of 3 Months: Fees: Rupees 28000.00 (rupees twenty-eight thousand only) for students from India & 960 US Dollars for students from other countries.
  • Level-5 (High-tech Instrumental Vastu Course of 3 Months: Fees: Rupees 60000.00 (rupees sixty thousand only) for students from India & 1920 US Dollars for students from other countries.

If opted for the course material thru courier, Dak, Post etc. then expenses extra chargeable on the then prevailing rates-Only for students from India. As on today, this is Rs. 1500.00 extra payable per Level. No option of Dak, Correspondence, courier courses for other countries. Fresh batch of Vastu Courses starts on every 1st the fees should be deposited before date.

About Modules:

All the modules/ chapters are conceptualized, designed and systematically organized by us only. They are very precise, to-the-point, easy, rational and based on scientific logics only. This is the specialty & uniqueness of our teaching system. This makes us different from the other institutes still teaching Vastu Shastra based on Superstitious explanations. In case of any problem, students can fix- up time to chat, interact on phone, Skype etc. to clarify any difficulty. This gives the students a feeling like a ‘Regular Course”.

Practical Training

If students want practical knowledge & expertise, he/ she can join us in on-site survey whenever carried out in his/ her neighborhood. A time of site-survey and address shall be conveyed to the student well in advance.


Anyone above 15 years of age with a sound knowledge of English or Hindi can join our courses.

Documents required

Copy of Certificate/ Mark sheet of Academic/ technical qualification, Recent Photograph, Any address Proof-Copy or I.D. Proof (All to be sent scanned copies) thru mail/ courier/ post.

Refund of Fees

Any course fee once paid by the candidate is non-refundable and non transferable.

Statutory declaration

Our all the courses are interest, hobby, culture, art or knowledge based. They do not and cannot be added up with anyone’s academic or technical education. Our certificates do not have any academic value for career. Therefore the institute does not guarantee any employment, deployment, job opportunity, career in Vastu or professional tie-ups. All the legal matters are bound to be taken up in Faridabad (Haryana) jurisdiction only. Course matter is copy-right & not to be used by any means, any form for any purpose & is punishable under the Indian Copyright Act, 1957- (Copy Right:Del/Legal/1999/241575)


After successful completion of any course, the students are awarded the “Certificate Of Completion”. After that one can get admission to next Level by depositing the fees. No need to do any admission related formality as the PRN (Permanent Registration Number) shall remain the same. Any advanced level can only be done after completing the prior Level. There is no procedure for direct admission to upper Level.

In case of any question/ query, please write to us on with a CC: To


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