A Right Color that enhances the positivity at your place

“Splash the colors of positivity & know the suitable color in your living area.”

Colors are everywhere & reflect our Happiness. Even we choose colors according to our mood while it is happiness, sadness, even if someone is depressed or enthusiastic, colors show the various shades of your mood.

According to the Vastu Consultants in Faridabad color plays vitally in Vastu Shastra. The colors of your home & office provides many sort of energies. Without any paint on walls, the entire atmosphere reflects monochromic effects. For a colorful positive environment, it is necessary to choose the right complexions around your residential & office areas.

Every color has its own meaning so let’s start to know more about the importance of colors in Vastu Shastra.

Each color has its own aspects that signifies the waves of positive energies & vibrations. Now Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is going to reveal about the variants of colors according to Vastu Shastra.


The various shades of blues symbolize beauty, peace, enthusiasm & emotions. Even sky &water truly represent this color. Apply this color in the huge area of your residential place to attract positivity that eliminate pain & sadness.


This color shows confidence & power. This color is highly energetic that spreads active waves around your living area. Apply this color at the living room. But, avoid the shades of red when you’re sad or angry & also don’t apply this shade at your bedroom.

So, as other shades of colors such as Green, Orange, Brown, Yellow, Purple, Pink or More. These colors have their own features of spreading positivity in your working area.

Like the colors in our life is necessary so as Vastu experts in Faridabad provides you the gracious guidelines for Vastu correction at your living & working area. Balancing auspicious energies of five phenomenal elements of nature is necessary so as, you are able to live with Harmony & positivity.

In fact, the directions of Vastu Shastra play vitally for a perfect architecture for entrance, rooms, kitchen, desk, living area, bathrooms & toilets, or more. An ancient Indian architect follows the direction & the sub-direction of the Earth & attracts the positive energies for healthy & happy living.


  • • North
  • • West
  • • East
  • • South


  • • North-East
  • • North-West
  • • South-East
  • • South-West

Apart, from this, the five elements of Nature produces an excessive amount of phenomenal energies. Even we are surrounded among these vibrations because this magnificent wave flows everywhere amongst the Earth. So, as Vastu Experts in Faridabad suggested the best position & the placements of the interiors at home & office. Balancing between these auspicious powers is essential. Dr. Anand Bhardwaj tells the objects and way which enhance the positive vibrations for the Joyous of living in Harmony & prosperity.

Here is some Vastu Correction within the colors of Vastu according to the direction.

Colors for North:

Shades of Blue, Green, Pista green, Mild Green

Colors for North-West:

This direction belongs to air and the color of white, silver, golden, bronze, light grey, shades of cream & other shades of whites are the best suited for this direction.

Colors for East:

Yellow, white, green, off white and cream

Colors for North-East

Mild Shades of blue & sky blue

Colors for South-East

The shades of red, Orange, pink, yellow &wooden enhance the positivity at your living place.

Colors for West

White & dark blue

Colors for South-west

Light-brown, peach, light pink & other light color.

Colors for South

Yellow & Red
The owner of the home & office should implement these Vastu guidelines that gives life energies to your home & residential place.

Colors that enhances the chimes of positivity at your Home & office

According to Vastu Expert in Faridabad, the splashes of colors attract the various energies that are the reason a pleasant & mild shades are the most recommended by our deep-rooted Vastu Expert Dr. Anand Bhardwaj. Colors like Shades of blue, mild green, White, Cream & other shades of light colors are the most preferred shades for a beautiful home that enhances the joyous of living with enthusiasm.

Glance of Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science of architecture that expands a well-planned living area with magnificent waves. It is preferred to maintain an equilibrium balance between the five elements of Nature. So, as Vastu Consultant provides you the guidelines of Vastu correction that connects you to the Nature for tremendous peace & prosperity.

We found that a positive atmosphere impacts on our life & also the way of living. Vastu Shastra is meant to eliminate misconceptions between family Members & also between the management & employees. So, Vastu experts consider elevating the thread of positivity & provide a logical solution of Vastu. We provide our services amongst Delhi, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Noida & Faridabad. Even Dr. Anand Bhardwaj possess the high status for Vastu solutions in the world. That’s what makes him a professional Vastu expert.